GOG.com: Unepic is Now Available

All the fun of Dungeons & Dragons with out need for scantily clad women.
All the fun of Dungeons & Dragons without need for scantily clad women.

Unepic a unique and pretty RPG and platformer full of the usual array of loot, monsters and dungeons is available for 50% off on GOG.com. Unepic is developed by Francisco Téllez de Meneses (developed in Spain) and only costs $4.99 for the first week and $9.99 after that.


An RPG wouldn't be complete without a lot of different numbers.
An RPG wouldn’t be complete without a lot of different numbers.

From gog.com: “While taking a break from playing a tabletop RPG, Daniel, an average guy from modern times, is transported to Harnakon’s Castle. Thinking that he is suffering from a hallucination, he decides that he is going to run the adventure for as long as the illusion lasts. As he explores the castle, fights the monsters within, and even casts potent magical spells, Daniel comes to realize that not everything is as it seems.”

“Unepic heroically combines open-world platforming gameplay with the intricacy and challenge of the RPG. Tweak Daniel’s skills to your heart’s content. Fight a bewildering variety of monsters, from the lowly goblin to the gigantic dragon, with over 100 different weapons. If forbidden magics are more your calling, then 70 spells and magical items will please even the most discriminating would-be wizard. Monsters, weapons, potions, spells, quests, pets, bosses, a giant castle all come together to make a funny story Unepic. If you love nerd-based humor and the RPG munchkin in you is strong, you’ll appreciate every last bit of this charming RPG/platformer!”


Unepic Official Trailer.

Unepic has been around for a few years now but is still being updated with new features and multiplayer is currently under development. The game is available on several other digital sites such as Desura and soon Steam. You can also buy the game on their website which will also give you a Steam key when it becomes available on that service. There is also a demo which you can try out if you aren’t sure about whether the game is good.

For the price I would say it is pretty good and with multiplayer and new things being added and fixed regularly it also has a promising future.

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