Warframe Boss and Blueprint Locations, Alert and Operation Rewards and also Resources Acquisition Guide [Updated !]

Get use to looking at this screen and dreaming for more.
Get use to looking at this screen and dreaming for more.

Warframe is a free-to-play co-op action game. All items in the game can be bought with real money but for the people who don’t want to pay for anything (not possible without restricting yourself) or people who want to save money, I have made this guide which shows boss and blueprint locations and rewards from doing Alert missions and a lot more. The game is currently in Open Beta and expect me to update this guide when new items and rewards get added.

Updates [!]:


  • Made changes to some of the planets rewards and added more planets.
  • I have added Void rewards and how to get extra Prime Warframes.

The Solar System Rewards

The following shows where each boss is located and what reward you might get as a reward for killing the target.

Planet Mercury:

  • Tolstoj level Boss: Captain Vor (Grineer).
  • Reward: Cronus longsword Blueprint.
  • Reward: Seer Blueprint and Seer Parts.

Planet Venus:

  • Fossa level Boss: The Jackal (Corpus).
  • Reward: Rhino Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Saturn:

  • Thetys level Boss: General Sargas Ruk (Grineer).
  • Reward: Ember Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Jupiter

  • After Event level Boss: Alad-V (Corpus).
  • Reward: Valkyr Warframe Bluprint Components.

Planet Mars

  • War level Boss: Sargent Nef Anyo Faction (Corpus).
  • Reward: Mag Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Uranus

  • Titania level Boss: Tyl Regor (Grineer).
  • Reward: Ash Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Earth

  • Everest level Boss: Counceler Van Dek (Grineer).
  • Reward: Trinity Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Neptune

  • Psamathe level Boss: The Hyena (Corpus).
  • Reward: Loki Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Sedna

  • Merrow level Boss: Kela De Thaym (Grineer).
  • Reward: Saryn Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Ceres

  • Exta level Boss: Lt. Lech Krill (Grineer).
  • Reward: Frost Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Eris

  • Naeglar level Boss: Phorid (Infestation).
  • Reward: Nyx Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Pluto

  • Hades level Boss: Ambulas (Corpus).
  • Reward: Excalibur Warframe Blueprint Components.

Planet Phobos

  • Iliad level Boss: Lech Krill and Vor (Grineer).
  • Reward: Miter Blueprint, Miter Barrel, Miter Chassis, Miter Handle, Miter Blade or Twin Gremlins Blueprint.

Planet Europa

  • Naamah level Boss: Raptor (Corpus).
  • Reward: Nova Warframe Bluprint Components.

Planet Orokin Derelict

  • Assassination Mission level Boss: J2000-Golem (Infested).
  • Reward: Nekros Warframe Blueprint Parts.

Any Planet

  • Any level: Do normal or Alert Raid, Intel, Captured or Endless Defense missions (All factions).
  • Reward: Banshee Warframe Blueprint Components.

Alert Rewards

Question marks on Alerts means that you will get a special reward on mission completion.

  • Warframes: Vauban Warframe Bluprint Components.
  • Weapons: Dark Sword, Plasma Sword, Jaw Sword, Pangolin Sword, Heat Sword, Heat Dagger, Ceramic Dagger, Dark Dagger, The Glaive.
  • Other Rewards: Warframe Blueprints, Orikin Catalysts and Orikin Reactors, Helmet Blueprints and Artifact Cards.

Void Drops

Blurpints and Components.

  • Paris Prime, Paris Prime Upper Limb, Paris Prime Lower Limb, Paris Prime String, Paris Prime Grip, Braton Prime, Braton Prime Receiver, Braton Prime Stock, Braton Prime Barrel, Bronco Prime, Bronco Prime Receiver, Bronco Prime Barrel, Fang Prime, Fang Prime Blade, Fang Prime Handle, Orthos Prime, Orthos Prime Blade, Orthos Prime Handle, Latron Prime, Latron Prime Receiver, Latron Prime Barrel, Latron Prime Stock, Reaper Prime, Reaper Handle, Reaper Blade.

Extra Prime Warframes

Boar Prime (Void mobile defense):

  • Boar prime stock Component from Tier 1 – 2 Void mobile defense.
  • Boar prime Blueprint from Tier 3 Void mobile defense
  • Boar prime barrel Component from Tier 2 – 3 Void moble defense.
  • Boar prime receiver Component from Tier 3 Void mobile defense (rare).

Mag Prime (Void survival):

  • Mag prime helmet Component from Tier 1 – 2 Void survival.
  • Mag prime chassis Component from Tier 2 Void survival.
  • Mag prime systems Component from Tier 2 Void survival (rare).
  • Mag prime Blueprint from Tier 2 Void survival.

Dakka Prime (Void exterminate):

  • Dakka prime handle Component from Tier 1-2 Void exterminate.
  • Dakka prime blade Component from Tier 3 Void exterminate.
  • Dakka prime Blueprint from Tier 3 Void exterminate.

Ember Prime (Void Capture)

Operation Alert Rewards:

Special time limited Operation missions that reward very special rewards if the meter gets to 100% completing within the time limit.

  • Weekend Extermination Event: 100K Credits and Rhino Prime Blueprint.


To create anything in the Foundry will require four things: Firstly you will need the actual blueprint, secondly you will need the required resources, thirdly you will need the correct amount of Credits to make the item and lastly you will need time to wait for the building process to complete.

Resources can usually only be found on their specific planet, however Orokin Cells can be found on any.

How to get Resources?

  • Break and open all lockers and containers.
  • Explore the whole mission area. Chances are that their will be resources in sections of the map that aren’t required for you to visit for mission completion.
  • Each enemy you kill may drop some resources.
  • Infestation levels usually have quite a lot of enemies so you may have a higher chance of getting resources to drop from each kill.

Resource Quantities and Rarity

There are various resources and they all come in different quantities and some are rarer than others. They come in three types: Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Common Resources: (Circuits, Ferrite, Nano Spores, Polymer Bundle and Salvage)

Usually found in large quantities of several hundred. They can be found in lockers, containers, enemies and bosses.

Uncommon Resources: (Alloy Plate, Plastids and Rubedo)

Usually found in smaller quantities of between 10 to around 30. They can be found in lockers, containers, enemies and bosses.

Rare Resources: (Control Module, Gallium, Morphics, Neural Sensors, Neurodes and Orokin Cell)

Usually found in single quantities of one. They can rarely be found in lockers, containers, enemies but are mostly found by defeating the various Planet bosses.

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