Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 17: Return to Gianthold is Now Available

This picture isnt reakky selling the game much.
This picture doesn’t really sell the game much.

The latest update for Dungeons & Dragons Online has been released. Dungeons & Dragons Online is a game I have been playing quite a bit recently this is because I’m getting tired of traditional hot key MMORPGs. D&D Online is good because it’s a hack and slash type of game where you can play it like a single player RPG or invite a small group of friends to have a more fun experience.

Theres much more that makes Dungeons & Dragons Online good so I might talk about it more in the future but the main selling point is that you can play the game for free or choose to pay for certain benefits.

Update 17: Return to Gianthold (19/02/13):

Happy Birthday DDO

DDO is turning 7 years old this year, and we’re celebrating by giving a gift to all our players! A birthday giftbox will be placed in the inventory of all characters created prior to Update 17. Simply activate the box to open a list of lovely gifts and pick the one you like best!

Return to Gianthold

Gianthold is now available for Epic level characters in addition to heroic level characters. The mysteries of the Draconic Prophecy await you!

  • Gianthold now supports heroic and epic mode!
  • Raid and quest flagging mechanics have been changed for heroic and epic versions of Gianthold.
  • Epic Dragonscale armor is now available!
  • It is no longer possible to turn in outdated Dragonscale Armor in exchange for scales.
  • The Epic version of the landscape features random encounters.
  • Players who already own the Gianthold adventure pack will automatically have access to the new Epic difficulty versions of the quests.

Introducing Augments

Augments are a new way to customize your equipment with additional bonuses and effects!

  • An item with an augment slot can have an Augment placed in it. A slotted Augment bestows an additional effect to the item for as long as it is slotted.
  • Augment slots will be introduced on some new named items, and randomly generated items have a 5% chance of having an augment slot. Some augments are also available in the DDO Store.

Full Update 17 Release Notes.

Exciting times in Dungeons & Dragons Online.

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