Hotline Miami Second Update is Available

Hot pizza action.
Hot pizza action.

A new patch has been released for the 80s Miami inspired game. It should fix quite a few of the problems some people have been experiencing in the game. However I would say there’s still a few more bugs left to sort out in Hotline Miami to make it the game it should be.

Hotline Miami Second Update:

  • Getting stuck in-between floors (in stars and elevators)
    For you that have this problem you MUST DO the following! Go to OPTIONS, then ADVANCE and then turn SURFACES to OFF. Now you should be able to enter floors in the game without problems.
  • Clear blood info
    if this function is turned ON the blood will be removed when it lands. You should try and play the game with this turned OFF first.
    If you feel that the game runs slower with SURFACES OFF you can try and switch to ON, to save memory.
  • Glass breaking bug
    We have limited the amount of sounds that the game can play at once (which was what caused the problem with the game crashing).
  • Note: Win 8 seems to be more sensitive to this then other platforms, but we think the sound limit we have will be enough, since it worked for those that helped us test this.
  • Slowdown
    It helped our testers to turn SURFACES to OFF and CLEAR BLOOD to ON. That made the game run in normal speed for them, so try that if you have slowdowns.
  • Other fixes
    Minor issues like the boiling pot/werewolf bug have been fixes as well.

The patch was released on the 21st of November and should automatically download if you have Hotline Miami installed on Steam.

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