World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is Now Available

“None may enter! Unless you have paid of course”

Another a few years go by and another expansion is now available for Blizzard Entertainments flagship title, World of Warcraft. This time its called Mists of Pandaria and it features an increased level cap, a new continent to explore, a new playable race and much more.

The expansion is available directly from Blizzard Entertainment in the form of a digital download and costs £29.99 for the standard edition, while the Digital Deluxe edition costs £39.99 and includes two in-game items. Lastly the Collector’s Edition which is only available in shops, costs about £55.00 and includes the usual assortment of artwork book, making of DVD and soundtrack CD. It also includes the in-game items from the Digital Deluxe edition.

From “Mists of Pandaria is available in a standard edition, Digital Deluxe edition, and retail-exclusive Collector’s Edition.”

“Once you’ve upgraded, level-85 characters will automatically receive a quest pointing the way to Pandaria upon logging into the game. Safe voyage, travelers.”


Everything That Awaits You in Mists of Pandaria.

It’s more of the same but that is what most fans and outsiders probably want and expect to see from the series which isn’t necessary a bad thing. There some innovation in some of the new game mechanics and quests but don’t expect anything too revolutionary especially if you have played some other MMORPGs lately.

I wont be playing the expansion straight away especially with the ineffable lag issues and other problems but I will get involved again with the game when the hype and crowd dies down. Anyway who wants to ruin the experience by rushing through the content and being swamped by tons of people killing the same creatures? Morons that’s who.

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