Worth Reading: 10th September to 16th September 2012

A week dominated by achievements.

This is a weekly post I do where I highlight some of the posts I have done which you might have missed over the last week. Its been a mixed week with a few interesting announcements and achievements. This post is a bit late again this week.

Week 10/09/12 to 16/09/12:



  • None.


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  • None.



The week overview:

Eating: Food.

Drinking: Blackcurrant.

Listening to: R&B and hip hop.

Playing: RuneScape and World of Warcraft.

Watching: The Yogscast and The Spoony Experiment.

My post of the week: GOG.com: Urban Chaos and Gangsters: Organized Crime our Available. Real Power is Never Giving its Taken.

Look forward to: I got a few ideas if I have the time.

Check Worth Reading next week for the best posts of the week.

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