GOG.com: Classic Dungeons and Dragons Games on Sale

Games based on dungeons and dragons always have more dungeons than dragons.

Over on GOG.com from last Friday to Friday 21st September at 9:59 GMT you can buy all the Dungeons & Dragons RPGs from publisher Hasbro for up to 65% off. This sale happened already I think this year but it the chance doesn’t come up often so you should make the most of it. Especially if you were considering getting them recently.

From gog.com: “In the center of our D&D chamber we’ve got the iconic Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga and Baldur’s Gate II: Complete that collectively received over 10 “Best game of the year” awards from publications such as PC Gamer, Eurogamer, Computer Games Magazine and IGN. And in the cold, ice-filled corner there’s the Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale 2 series that brought the D&D license to a more combat-oriented RPG gaming. The strange shimmering light comes from the inter-dimensional portal where Planescape: Torment resides. Winner of multiple RPG and Game of the Year awards in 1999, it is widely considered as one of the best storytelling RPGs in gaming history. The treasure chamber wouldn’t be complete without Neverwinter Nights, a game with a great single player campaign that offers even greater multiplayer experience and modding capabilities. This game is literally one you could play the rest of your life, if you were determined to get through every single user-created campaign or keep attending a multi-player server. And don’t forget about the somewhat underrated gems in the collection. Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard is a fascinating blend of RPG and RTS. Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone is an action RPG with some interesting tactical elements to go along with the usual hack and slash of the genre. Finally, Temple of Elemental Evil, one of the tougher tactical RPGs ever so hard that it balances on the fine edge of fairness.”

The more games from the pack you buy at once the bigger the overall discount. So get all nine for the biggest discount available. If you already own some of the games I am not exactly sure what happens but if its similar to how Steam handles it you will be able to gift your extra copies to your friends.

With Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition being delayed until late November, now is a perfect time to see what all the fuss is about. Grab a beer and spend the next year or so playing the nine Dungeons and Dragons games available. Theres at least hundred hours or more of gameplay per title and that’s not including the various mods and official expansions included and available for all the games on sale.

All nine cost $30.01 (£19.00) which means you save $55.90 (£35.00) from buying them individually. There is about four days left to get all nine on sale.

Who needs MMORPGs with games like these? Dungeons & Dragons Online and Neverwinter don’t count.

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