GOG.com: Urban Chaos and Gangsters: Organized Crime our Available. Real Power is Never Giving its Taken

“The boss sends he’s regards.”

Two great games have been released in the last week over on GOG.com. Urban Chaos and Gangsters: Organized Crime are now available to buy for $5.99 (£3.69) each. Gangsters: Organized Crime was developed and published by Hothouse Creations and Square Enix. With Urban Chaos been developed and published by Mucky Foot Productions and Square Enix.

Gangsters: Organized Crime

This view is your friend.

From gog.com: “lets you manage all aspects of a mob “family business”. Set in a vast city presented in detailed isometric view and populated with over 5,000 individual characters, it features real-time action mixed with careful planning. Did you think that being a Don is easy? Now you can see first-hand how complicated a life of crime might get.”

Urban Chaos

Try doing that in real life.

“delivers solid fighting sequences in a varied, dynamic environment of a rioting city and wraps them up in an original storyline. You take control over two characters: a female law enforcement officer D’arci Stern or an ex-soldier vigilante Roper McIntyre, each of them with a unique fighting style. The 24 non-linear stages can be completed in various ways ranging from car chases, through shootouts, to hand-to-hand brawls. A day-night cycle, changing weather conditions, and random encounters will make every playthrough a unique experience.”


Gangsters: Organized Crime Intro.

Urban Chaos Intro.

Now what one do you think is better? I would say the first one. You can’t beat some good old fashioned extortion.

Both are fun games to play especially Gangsters: Organized Crime. However some might not agree with me but I would say that they are only saying that because they suck badly at the game. I became the ultimate godfather with ruthless and cunningly dispatching my opponents to become the top dog of New Temperance and that’s without the help of guides and a walkthrough.

Gangsters: Organized Crime is one of the best mafia themed games ever made and one hell of a strategy game. Mafia was good a game but a lot like a movie while Gangsters: Organized Crime is like being part of the real thing. It’s the closest most will get to extorting, arson and much more without getting put away for years. It really helps if you a fan of the subject matter.

No one said crime would be pretty.

Urban Chaos was a ground breaking game in its day it came out way before Grand Theft Auto III so it was incredible the things you could see and do in that game.

They both bring back good memories.

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