Steam Greenlight is Available

The crowd generally can’t be trusted.

Valve Corporations indie game support platform which was announced way back in July has now been available for a few days now. Steam Greenlight allows Steam users to vote on which games they want to see get published on Steam. Steam Greenlight can be seen here.

The process is pretty simple. A game developer lists their game on Steam Greenlight with information, videos and screenshots. Steam users can then comment, and up vote or down vote and favorite the game. If you don’t want the game to be on Steam down vote it but if you want it to be sold on Steam then up vote the game.

Despite to what some people believe, you can’t list a game on the service if you aren’t personal involved in it. For example the amount of times I seen Minecraft listed on Steam Greenlight by anyone is pretty funny. In these cases the report button is used to inform Valve Corporation to take the listing down.

However anyone is allowed to make collection pages which you can use to help promote certain games and more. I have made a collection page with the best Steam Greenlight games on it. So you don’t have to worry your pretty brains over what to vote for.

You can see my King Toko’s Best of The Best page here:

Visit my King Toko’s Best of The Best collection page and show your support to me and the various developers involved.

As the whole Steam Greenlight service has many implications for developers and video gamers. I might give my opinions on it sometime.

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