Final Fantasy VII is Now Available again on PC

Sephiroth one of the worst character designs in a video game.

Originally Final Fantasy VII was released way back in 1997 on PlayStation and a year later in 1998 on PC. It is once again available on PC via Square Enix digital store. However not much has changed for Final Fantasy VII in all those years since its release. There is no HD remake and the game is basically identical to how you remembered it in the past. So why bother getting it now?

Well there is a few new features such as cloud saving and achievements but the main reason for getting it is if you want to play it again on a modern PC without having to bother trying to get the orignal version to work.

It is currently £7.99 or €9.99 so its good if you have been looking to buy the game in a while. It beats paying more than £50.00 for the orignal PC version on some online sale sites. Are they crazy or something?

I have talked more in dept about the game and related issues in a post I did not that long ago which you can see below.

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