Battlefield 4 Beta and Game Has Now Been Confirmed

What the Battlefield 4 logo won’t look like.

Yesterday I mentioned that Battlefield 4 might be happening and what I thought about it which you can read here:

Well it turns out it wasnt a mistake but if you pre-order the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition, you will get access to the Battlefield 4 beta when it starts sometime next year.

In order to take part in the beta you must pre-order Medal of Honor Warfighter prior to its release on the 23rd October with Electronic Arts saying that the beta will start in 2013 with Battlefield 4 likely releasing later in that year.

Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels said: “Though Battlefield and Medal of Honor Warfighter each offer players a completely unique experience they are united by their underlying technology base – Frostbite. These are two of the hottest shooters, coming together to deliver a one-two punch of action, intensity, and shooter entertainment.”

I still think it’s a mistake for Electronic Arts to start talking about Battlefield 4, sure its good way of promoting Medal of Honor Warfighter but you risk making the current Battlefield players feel that Electronic Arts will stop supporting Battlefield 3 soon. Also its worrying to see that the Battlefield franchise is going the way of Call of Duty franchise. In the sense that a game will be released near every one to two years. We had to wait for 6 years for the sequel to Battlefield 2 (2005) after all and It wasnt really worth it. So having less time will they make a better game? I am guessing probably not.

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