Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 1 is Now Available

The above skins aren’t included.

Everyone who has Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition can now download the Minecraft Skin Pack 1 DLC for 160 Microsoft Points. It requires 364 KB of free space and features skins from many Xbox Live Arcade games such as ‘Splosion Man (‘Splosion Man), Creeper (Minecraft) and Garth (Fable Heroes).

I have done several posts about the Skin Pack 1 DLC over the last week or so which you can see here:

A trial version is available for people who want to try out the skins in the game.

Also some free skins will be released on 17th July to honor the five Summer of Arcade games: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Wreckateer, Deadlight, Hybrid and Dust: An Elysian Tale.

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