Hero Academy Coming to Steam

Small but deadly.

Robot Entertainment the developers of Orcs Must Die will be releasing Hero Academy, a turn-based, two-player tactical game, old iOS game. On 8th August it will be available on PC via Steam and will allow cross-platform play.

You can play opponents asynchronously, so you take your turn, tell your opponent and wait again for your next turn. This allows you to play loads of different matches at the same time like some crazy chess wizard. Valve will provide an exclusive team in the form of the guys from Team Fortress 2.

Hero Academy Announcement Teaser:

It will likely play similarly to the iOS version with having every team be purchasable, with new ones added maybe with DLC. Apparently buying some DLC for it will unlock “a unique cosmetic item” for Team Fortress 2.

Hero Academy Launch Trailer:

I’m looking forward to trying it out, it looks fun if a bit basic.

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