Steam: LOTRO, DDO and Vindictus MMORPGs Now Available to Play for Free and My Thoughts on Them

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

Turbines The Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online and Nexon’s Vindictus are all now available to play for free on Steam.

I have played all three for a considerable amount of time and what they all set out to do they quite well.

Vindictus which I played the less out all three I wouldn’t recommend as my time with it was pretty boring. The combat is meaty and active but the story and the endless text you have to read from two-dimensional characters left a lot to be desired.

The Lord of the Rings Online is the most comparable out of all three to World of Warcraft and because this it suffers. Both feature hot key combat with a emphasise on traditional group combat for example DPS, Tank etc. Of course LOTRO has points that make it better than WoW such as being able to buy and decorate your own house and the Lore and atmosphere in places is arguably better than WoW. However it isn’t ageing well compared to WoWs timeless art style.

Dungeons and Dragons Online is more similar to Vindictus in which you have one major hub with which you get quests then you set of into instanced dungeons. All DDO quests take place in these dungeons which mean you don’t have to worry about waiting for enemies to respawn. Also like Vindictus, DDO has an active combat system which requires you to hit enemies by clicking your mouse to hit enemies with positioning and tactics being important.

Play them?

You should try them all out if they sound interesting but be warned they are free to play which mean you don’t have to pay to play however a lot of features are left out from the game such as bank space meaning to get the most of the games you are required to play a monthly fee. Of course you can get quite far without paying anything but after for example around level 25-35 in LOTRO questing and leveling come to a near grind so paying a fee will allow you to get access to new quests and much more.

Think free to play as a very long demo because in the end you will need to pay some money if you want to get to the end. Turbines games have various expansions which can be only accessed by buying them first from the in-game store as they aren’t included in the base game. You have been warned.

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