Stream TERA In Your Internet Browser and My Game Streaming Thoughts

One of the reasons games are not taking seriously.

With the help of Gaikai’s cloud gaming service TERA is now available to play for free for thirty minutes in your internet browser. It’s instant to try out.

I would try it out but be warned the game is subscription based with no substance and its pretty boring.

Streaming games has been done now with services like OnLive and it will probably be more widespread in the future especially when countries have fast global network speeds it will be ideal. This is because who wants to download 20GB plus game client when you can stream instantly? I can see demos using it quite a lot in the future and eventually all games might be served in this way. However at the moment internet speeds vary widely even within small distances so it’s quite a while off really and we are still several generations away from when attitudes towards physical media and digital downloads change.

IGN said: “Tera’s an action-MMO that nails the “action” part and then manages a face-palm-inducing face-plant on all the other bits. Combat moves quickly and feels great, but dirt-dull quests, a generic, disjointed story, repetition, repetition, and repetition ensure that any fun you might stumble across is short-lived. Even grouping to take on colossal, world-roaming boss monsters – initially a thrill few other MMOs can match – eventually grows old due to a lack of variety. Between impressive graphics and flashy battles, Tera has mountains of style. Substance, however, is still sadly lacking.”

It’s a perfect example of what happens when you concentrate too much on one game mechanic (fighting) while not on everything else.