Internet Explorer Finally Coming To Xbox 360

Only six years late then.

Microsoft have demonstrated their web browser on Xbox 360 at E3.

Instead of putting a copy of their PC based web browser directly to a console they are instead going to make one especially for the Xbox 360 which means it should in theory play up to the strengths of using a controller. However if their other current apps are to go by then not very well then.

Through Kinect voice commands the Xbox will also search the web with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, not safe for those dodgy searches then.

Microsoft have said this can “take any interactive webpage” and will give Xbox 360 users “access to all of the web.” Well I hope it does.

My main concern is why now and not six years ago? The dashboard has been revised with worthless stuff over the years and the thing everyone probably wants they didn’t bother with. The DS and the PSP had web browsers, not the best but they had one years ago.

Internet Explorer comes to Xbox 360 in the winter.