Dungeons & Dragons Online Expansion Coming this Summer

One good looking dwarf.

Free-to-play game Dungeons & Dragons Online is getting an expansion on the 25th June entitled Menace of the Underdark.

“The shadow of Lolth has cast darkness over the kingdom of Cormyr where heroes struggle to stem the unrelenting tide of the Drow forces.

Descend into the Menace of the Underdark.

The hopes of the Realms lie with champions from Eberron, whose world has become entangled in Lolth’s schemes, bringing them to Faerun where they will make the final stand against the Queen of the Demonweb!”

The expansion raises the level cap to 25 from the preivios level cap of level 20, features three Forgotten Realms adventure packs (The King’s Forest, The Demonweb, and The Underdark), and introduces the Druid class.

There will be three versions of the expansion, the base version (£22.99), standard edition (£39.99), and the collector’s edition (£59.99). Each edition has tons of stuff you can get. The more you spend the more you get.