Syndicate Game Guide #Part 01 Weapons, Equipment and Items

Time to lock n load agents.

With Syndicate being released on GoG I thought I should do a guide for the game. It will be done in parts. This is #Part 01 Weapons, Equipment and Items.

Below is the various weapons, equipment and items found in Syndicate. They can be bought from the Menu screen and given to particular agents. Weapons can also be found during missions and certain weapons can give new and increased reasearch options.

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  • Weapons: [WEA]
  • Support Weapons: [SWE]
  • Equipment: [EQU]

Weapons: [WEA]


  • Cost: 0
  • Ammo: 13
  • Range: 1280
  • Shot: 0

Large calibre hand gun. Medium range projectile weapon. Very cheap gun that is easily outclassed but useful as a backup weapon.


  • Cost: 250
  • Ammo: 12
  • Range: 1024
  • Shot: 2

Pump action shotgun with a large spread of shell. Does more damage than the pistol, but let down by its lack of effective range. At close range however, this can inflict real hurt.


  • Cost: 5000
  • Range: 256

A short range weapon that fires a small dose of chemical which renders the target totally open to suggestion. When hit, the victims momentarily turn blue, lose all free will and follow the agent who fired around the mission zone like sheep. Civilians are always open to persuasion, and you need to persuade varying numbers of civilians before the Persuadertron has any effect on guards, police or enemy agents. Also, the effects of the Persuadertron are multiplied depending upon the version brain installed in the cyborg using it.

The list below shows the number of civilians needed to persuade guards, police and enemy agents:

Brain V0 = Need 4 Civilians for 1 Guard, 8 for 1 Policeman and 32 for 1 Agent.

Brain V1 = Need 2 Civilians for 1 Guard, 4 for 1 Policeman and 16 for 1 Agent.

Brain V2 = Need 1 Civilians for 1 Guard, 3 for 1 Policeman and 11 for 1 Agent.

Brain V3 = Need 1 Civilians for 1 Guard, 2 for 1 Policeman and 8 for 1 Agent.

Only persuaded enemy agents go into your Cryo Chamber, but you are paid for any other persuaded personnel at the end of the mission.


  • Cost: 750
  • Ammo: 50
  • Range: 1792
  • Shot: 2

9mm automatic hand gun. Fast rate of fire and medium range. Plenty of ammunition and a relatively low cost make this weapon the mainstay of any offensive force.

Long Range Rifle

  • Cost: 1000
  • Ammo: 30
  • Range: 6144
  • Shot: 2

Very long range and extremely accurate high velocity rifle. A single shot weapon designed for picking off individual targets at a distance. Useful for assassination attempts and long range support fire.

Support weapons: [SWE]

Flame Thrower

  • Cost: 1500
  • Ammo: 1000
  • Range: 512
  • Shot: 1

Produces a stream of ignited jelly that sticks to the targets and burns. Very short range but devastating. An effective anti-vehicle weapon or for close crowd clearance.

Mini Gun

  • Cost: 10000
  • Ammo: 500
  • Range: 2304
  • Shot: 10

Motor driven multi-barreled machine gun. Devastating rate of fire and a decent range make this an ideal support weapon for any squad. However, any unmodified agent attempting to carry more than one of these may encounter problems with the huge weight involved.

Laser Gun

  • Cost: 35000
  • Ammo: 5
  • Range: 4096
  • Shot: 2000

Small rifle that uses laser light to form a beam of high powered energy that cuts through its targets and anyone or anything foolish enough to get in the way. Extremely powerful with a very long range. Ideal anti-vehicle weapon and also effective for sniping.

Gauss Gun

  • Cost: 50000
  • Ammo: 3
  • Range: 5120
  • Shot: 15000

Portable launcher with a supply of three rockets. The rockets themselves are long range high explosives, quite capable of destroying tanks or eliminating large groups of people.

Equipment: [EQU]

Access Card

  • Cost: 1000
  • Range: 256

Plastic card that allows some security doors to be opened that would otherwise prevent access to restricted areas of the city. Also identifies the agent as a Police officer which diverts Police units.


  • Cost: 500
  • Range: 4096

Energy scanner for detecting possible threats. When carried, this item displays all the people and vehicles in the surrounding area. Mission objectives are pinpointed by an identifier beam and emit a coded signal detectable by the scanner.

Time Bomb

  • Cost: 25000
  • Range: 1000

High powered explosive that comes complete with timer and detonator. Explodes after a set time period devastating the surrounding area. The explosive is not quite powerful enough to damage structures but readily destroys people and vehicles.


  • Cost: 500
  • Ammo: 1
  • Range: 256
  • Shot: 1

A small pack that contains everything required for minor field surgery. It restores a single agent’s health but may only be used once

Energy Shield

  • Cost: 8000
  • Ammo: 200
  • Range: 768
  • Shot: 15

Personal force field generator. Completely covers the individual with a protective force wall that can withstand all projectile weapons. Due to the immense power drain, this item has a very short life span.

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