Syndicate Game Guide #Part 00 Introduction, Overview, Objectives, Territories and Rival Syndicates

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With Syndicate being released on GoG I thought I should do a guide for the game. It will be done in parts. This is #Part 00 Introduction, Overview, Objectives, Territories and Rival Syndicates.

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  • Introduction [INT]
  • Overview [OVE]
  • Objectives [OBJ]
  • Territories [TER]
  • Rival Syndicates [RIV]

Introduction to the world of Syndicate [INT]

As the world’s multinational corporations grew, their profits began to rival those of small countries. Soon they owned small countries and corporate influence was felt at the highest level of world government. Smaller corporations were swallowed up like plankton in the wake of three behemoth mega-corporations, one U.S.-based, one Europe-based and one based in the Far East. These became the only effective world government, unelected, undemocratic, but controlling the lives of the people through commerce.

Then the European corporation perfected the CHIP. Inserted in the neck, the CHIP stimulated the brain stem to alter your every perception of the outside world. Better than any drug, the CHIP gave hope to millions by numbing their senses to the misery and squalor around them. One CHIP would convince users that the sun shone and the birds sang even as they walked through the constant acid rain drizzle. Another that they were glamorous or handsome – they’d look in the mirror and see a different face – while the rest of the world would see them as they really were.

The CHIP was a technological revolution and sold countless units with the slogan ‘Why change your world when you can change your mind’. It also left the user open to auto-suggestion and gave the corporations the perfect tool for manipulating the populace.

Like any new and potent drug, control of the CHIP meant control of the people. Soon the corporations were at war among themselves, desperate to monopolize CHIP manufacture. But the corporations’ thirst for power left them open to infiltration.

With money earned through pirating CHIP technology, crime Syndicates bribed and murdered their way into corporation boardrooms. It wasn’t long before the Syndicates became the controlling force all over the globe, with a finger in the pie of every transaction, criminal or otherwise, worldwide.

And in the crime Syndicates of tomorrow those in control don’t need Uzis for back up. Teams of custom-built cyborg agents hunt down rivals and traitors, and spread the influence of the Syndicates across the globe.

Syndicate game overview [OVE]

For you, the future is now.

As a young executive in a small European Syndicate you’re looking to make your mark. You observe from a control platform in an airship high above the teeming city streets as your agents, controlled by CHIP technology, spread the shadow of your terror. Equipped with the latest in hi-tech weaponry, their cyborg bodies souped up with extra powerful limbs – the best that Syndicate money can buy – your finger rests on the pulse of their every reaction.

The CHIPs inserted in their necks control IPA (Intelligence, Perception and Adrenaline) levels. With these, you set the degree of an agent’s operational independence during missions.

Each mission takes place among the canyons of concrete and steel, the mazes of streets and sewers, that our cities have become. The population goes about its business – moving among the traffic, commuting on trains, rushing to and from work – unaware of the violence about to explode around them. Casualties among the good citizens in most cases bring a swift response from local law enforcement agencies. Equip your cyborgs with a special pass and the police believe they’re working with the authorities; they’re free to continue the slaughter unhindered.

There are over 50 named missions for you to choose between, but before you choose one, you need to develop an overall strategy for world domination. Tactical considerations vital to the ascendancy of your Syndicate include the maintenance of an adequate mission Budget, the skills and experience built up in the Cryo Chamber of potential agents, and developing your own maneuvering skills.

A Syndicate executive must be a master of strategy, assessing a mission environment and planning agent moves. An executive must also have the reflexes of a steroid addicted sprinter and a remorseless lust for power to commit acts of gross violence but sleep soundly at night.

Still think you’ve got what it takes to make it in the Syndicate?

Object of Syndicate game [OBJ]

The aim of the game is to spread the dark stain of your Syndicate’s color across the surface of the entire globe.

The world map is divided into various territories. From your home base in Europe you invade adjacent territories and, through the violent subterfuge of your agents, wrestle them from rival Syndicates. Having done so, raise taxes on the locals to increase your profits and punish them for serving the wrong Syndicate.

But raising taxes can make you very unpopular. And furious natives leading popular rebellions can eat into Syndicate profits. So keep an eye on foreign interests and pick off troublemakers with your teams of agents.

And while you’re busy expanding your Syndicate’s empire abroad, rival agents are working in your own back yard to de-stabilize your Syndicate. Ensure agents are briefed to weed out traitors whose actions might bring about your downfall.

By meeting all the challenges, destroying all targets and gaining control of all the territories, your Syndicate triumphs.

Territories in Syndicate [TER]

After the fall of the world’s governments national boundaries collapsed as countries were carved up by the Syndicates. For administrative purposes the holdings of a particular Syndicate were divided into territories of roughly equal population size. It is for supremacy in these territories that you fight throughout the Syndicate challenge.

Ecological upheaval, wars and population movements mean that the ethnic make-up of these territories has changed drastically since the Twentieth century. Now the sole source of conflict and, ironically, the major source of pleasure is the CHIP and the Syndicates which supply it…territories are as follows:

Western Europe, Central Europe, Scandinavia, Algeria, Urals, Eastern Europe, Siberia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kamchatka, Far East, China, Libya, Iraq, Iran, India, Pacific Rim, Indonesia, Western Australia, Northern Territories, New South Wales, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Arabia, Zaire, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Atlantic Accelerator, Greenland, Northeast Territories, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Yukon, Newfoundland, California, Rockies, Mid West, New England, Colorado, Southern States, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

Rival Syndicates [RIV]

The Tao: Orient-based Syndicate formed from the unification of competing Chinese Triads and Japanese Yakuza factions. Having infiltrated the monolithic Sonbushi corporation, Tao executives found they had their hands on the levers of power from the South China Sea to the Russian Steppes. Not since the days of Genghis Khan has an empire of the East spread so far West.

Tao agents are well-disciplined and equipped with the latest hi-tech weaponry, the result of millions invested in Research. Assassinations are generally immaculate with very little civilian wastage. Agents of the Tao are not a vicious or sadistic adversary, but a frighteningly efficient one.

I.I.A.: Starved of state funding for decades, the C.I.A. decided to enter the marketplace and contract out its services to the highest bidder. Using the espionage and counter-terrorism skills the organization had gained keeping the free world secure, the I.I.A (Independent Intelligence Agency) soon became the favorite thirdparty agency of international crime associations.

Assassination, blackmail and the overthrow of governments to order was a very lucrative business and, following a hugely successful and over-subscribed flotation, the I.I.A. entered the corporate arena. Everything was in place for their ascendancy to the top of North America’s corporate tree and it was a natural progression into full-time Syndicate operations.

I.I.A. operatives are chosen for their massive muscularity. Heavy armaments are the order of the day, the logic being that a few civilian casualties helps keep the rest of the citizens in line. Expect no mercy.

The Castrilos: Unparalleled viciousness is the major attribute of Castrilo agents. Originating in Cuba just prior to the fall of Communism, this Syndicate began as a political party dedicated to the memory of the late President Castro. When they couldn’t get what they wanted through the ballot box, they turned to bombs and bullets – a far more effective way of keeping the masses in line.

Spreading through the Caribbean like a flu epidemic, this Syndicate soon established itself as a primal force throughout most of South America. A fortune was made by the Castrilos blackmailing world governments with threats to destroy what remained of the Amazon rain forest; whenever they’re short a dollar or two, Castrilo executives still like to pull this old trick. A war of attrition exists between Castrilo agents and the I.I.A. as they attempt to establish a foothold in the lucrative N. American zone.

Sphinx Inc.: Sphinx Inc. executives try to expand their Syndicate into rival territories with an almost religious zeal. They aim to re-capture the lost majesty of the ancient Egyptians and establish an empire throughout Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Rivals claim this is just an excuse to commit acts of violence on a Biblical scale.

Although not the best equipped, Sphinx Inc. agents are injected with an unnatural dedication to duty. Even alone and injured they fight to the last and are far from easy to kill.

Executive Jihad: Caught between a rock and a hard place by the expansionist policies of both Tao and Sphinx Inc., and near bankrupted by World Government fines levied for exporting oil and thereby increasing world pollution, the Jihad is a Syndicate fighting for its home. But adversity is a great motivation and the Jihad executive has seen to it that its cyborgs are kill-hungry maniacs. They may be few in number and poorly armed, but you overlook the Jihad at your peril.

Tasmanian Liberation Consortium: When they exported criminals to Australia in the 18th Century, the Brits couldn’t know what they’d started. Crime was a genetic certainty, and Australian youths were taught the finer points of maiming and slaughter at their mother’s breasts. Unfortunately, a lifetime spent intoxicated meant that Australian criminals didn’t succeed as well as their international rivals. The Tao easily established a foothold in Australasia and a lifetime of saki and sushi looked imminent.

Then, in the Great Lager Rebellion of 2140, there was an uprising led by the Tasmanian Liberation Consortium. From their hydro-electric power-generating island base they cut off the electricity to the mainland, stunning Tao executives who could no longer operate their game consoles. They surged across the Bass Strait like beer from a barrel and drove the Tao from Australia to re-established the Barby as the Australian national pastime.

With a fortune made from exporting weak, fizzy lager worldwide to spend on Research, the TLC gained influence and were soon second only to the Tao itself as a world power. Their agents tend to be wayward in their aim, mainly because their executive controllers are always drunk, so civilian casualties are high. But TLC agents have no real sadistic streak, and only turn nasty when denied access to Vegemite.

EuroCorp.: By 2100 the European Community was suffering internal breakdown. The novel idea of compartmentalising European affairs – with Belgium responsible for entertainment, Italy for defense, and Britain the continent’s cuisine – was a nightmare scenario and trouble inevitable. Centuries-old national rivalries could not be put aside and the Germans were (to use the diplomatic language of the time) ‘putting down their beach towels’ on every sun lounger in Europe.

In this atmosphere of mutual distrust and aggression the CHIP was perfected. It kept the populous occupied while, in the background, competing governments fell to corporate interests and the Syndicates moved in. When the dust had settled only EuroCorp remained. But EuroCorp’s monopoly of world CHIP production couldn’t last forever, and soon the executive was defending itself from rival Syndicate interests on all fronts.

This is the situation into which you are plunged. Defend your Syndicate and, at the same time, use your agents to re-establish EuroCorp’s pre-eminence.

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