X-COM: Enemy Unknown First Screenshots and Details

X-COM bases are apparently underground.

The first new screenshots and details about the new X-COM remake X-COM: Enemy Unknown have been revealed in Game Informer.

From Game Informer “The shooter takes place earlier in the fiction, chronicling the aliens’ first attacks in the United States. The strategy game we’re talking about here deals with the global response to the later full-blown alien invasion of Earth.”

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“X-COM is confined to the global view, where the player keeps track of known UFOs and abductions going on around the world. Managing research and development at the X-COM organization’s secret base can be done at the player’s leisure, and all combat is completely turn-based.” Good then?

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Tactical action.

“Soldiers still die permanently, fog of war and line of sight are hugely important in combat, and you absolutely can lose the game if you screw up too badly”.

“On the strategic layer, players direct research into alien technology, give their engineers and foundries fabrication requests, interact with the nations of the world (who have to be mollified to secure funding for X-COM), intercept airborne UFOs with jet fighters, level up their soldiers and recruit new ones, and dispatch the Skyranger transport to engage alien incursions on the ground.”

X-COM base.

The use of 3D terrain and cover is interesting on a tactical level and there’s a good amount of info on the screen without getting too much in the way. The X-COM base is a full flat base but in 3D instead of the 2D over the top view in the old UFO: Enemy Unkown game.

X-COM cannon fodder.

Most people will say “at least it’s not a FPS game” this X-COM game is a turn based strategy game with a real-time management view. However its too early to make any real judgements on how the final game will actually turn out.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown is looking promising.

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