Dungeon Defenders Patch 7.13 is Now Available

Patching the dungeon.

Dungeon Defenders has been updated recently with some exciting new additions such as support for the new Eternia Shards DLC, being able to reach “Level Cap to 74” and many more improvemnts to the game. Definitely some more exciting Dungeon Defenders related things to look forward to in the future.

The path will download automatically if you have the Dungeon Defenders installed on Steam. I am unsure whether the console versions have also been updated.

Read more to see the full patch notes.

Patch 7.13:

Eternia Shards DLC

  • Added Part 1 missions: Mistymire Forest, Portal Defense, LifeStream Hollow Uber MonsterFest (8-player), LifeStream Hollow PvP
  • Added early-access to “Nightmare” difficulty mode for owners of the ‘Eternia Shards Complete Pack’ DLC, with Eternia Shard enemies featured, & corresponding level, enemy, spawn layout & boss rebalancings
  • Added 5 new achievements: Mythical Defender, Portal Protector, Nightmare Portal Protector, Nightmare Eternia Shard Recovered: Purple, Eternia Shard Recovered: Purple
  • Added new “Mythical” quality-level items, with a level requirement of 74

All Modes

  • Fixed a GPU memory leak crash involving any mission with Terrain
  • Possible to sell/buy items with a value above 100 million now.
  • Added Adjustable Camera Field-Of-View Options slider
  • Fixed 1-byte Stat overflow bug, and Raised maximum Per-Item Hero/Defense Stat to 360 (not a total cap, just on each individual item, up from 126)
  • Changed Pet XP earnings to 100% of earned XP, up from 50%
  • Fixed a Secure-Trade failure bug
  • Fixed a UMF enemy-stuck area
  • Added optional damage-red material flash when any object or character takes damage
  • Raised Level Cap to 74
  • DefenderStore.com items will now automatically remove from web listing when sold, dropped, or traded, and will switch between web Shop and web Inventory if moved between in-game Shop and Inventory respectively.
  • DefenderStore.com listing name will now automatically match in-game shop name
  • Damage resistance no longer reduces incoming momentum (knockback) from hits
  • Moved shake-camera and step-towards-target options to the general options panel
  • Made ALL Missions and Challenges have Leaderboards
  • Added next/previous page buttons to the Play Statistics UI level list
  • Nerfed Animus Damage by 33% (retroactive)
  • Changed Piercing Shot & Piercing Spreadshot cooldown time from 1.25 seconds to 4 seconds
  • TrendyNet will no longer accept connection from pre-7.13 game versions
  • Increased non-equipment Stat point cap from 100 to 120

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