The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Console Versions Screenshot Comparison


Heres a quick screenshot comparison of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While the PC version is the best, the console versions visuals are more similar than you might like to think.

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From the screenshots you can see that sometimes they look the same with no differences while other times the PlayStation 3 looks better than the Xbox 360 version or vice Versa.  If you can’t get it on PC and you have to get it on console then obviously get the version for your platform. However if you have a PlayStation 3 and a Xbox 360 then get the game for the console you care the most about achievements or trophies for.

8 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Console Versions Screenshot Comparison

  1. Didn’t think it would be THAT different. And I didn’t expect Ps3 to come out ontop this time. It is the more powerful machine but it’s more clumbersome to develop for properly.

    Guess that proves that Skyrim is a well made game?
    As if a milion other things didn’t already say that.

  2. These screenshots are misleading because the cursor on the compass is blue in the last picture for the xbox version, I’m guessing bad tv settings because I’ve been playing the xbox version and the graphics doesn’t look like that. Now I haven’t played the ps3 version because I haven’t had the money to get it but I’m probably going to buy it on pc because the game crashes more the bigger your save file gets, this game crashes a lot on xbox btw and it’s supposed to be worse for ps3 and even worse on pc. That’s just rumors from other sites, I wouldn’t know honestly.

    1. Yeah the pictures aren’t too clear sorry about that. I have been playing the Xbox 360 version and it crashed now again but only after long periods of play. However I have played the game for 170 hours now and its only crashed three times.

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