Magicka: The Stars are Left Announced

Arrowhead and Paradox have announced a new expansion for Magicka. It’s called The Stars Are Left, The press release states that its:

“Designed for players who love to craft the hundreds of different spells available in Magicka, this new campaign will pit up to four wizards at once against a horror-mystery inspired by the popular Cthulhu Mythos. The Stars are Left will boast a much requested feature from the players – a new adventure campaign, including several terrifying new enemies, bosses awakened from the depths of insanity, and several other miscellaneous Miskatonic minions.”

It also goes on to say that only the host of a multiplayer game will need the DLC for others to be able to play, which is good.

The Stars are Left includes:

  • An all-new adventure, several levels long, allowing players to get lost in space and time.
  •  Two new challenge maps.
  •  Five new robes.
  •  Two new bosses.
  •  Five new achievements.
  •  Seven new enemies.
  •  Considerably more than 2 new items and Magicks.
  • Also, we make fun of Minecraft this time.

Magicka: The Stars are Left is scheduled to launch this winter.

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