Dungeon Defenders Tips and Tricks

Become a legend of the dungeons.

Dungeon Defenders is the excellent and fun tower defense game. This guide I have made has general Dungeon Defenders tips, secrets, help for solo players, how to get better scores, more mana and much more.

I will add more when I discover them in-game. Let me know if you find out any useful tips yourself.

Continue reading to see the tips and tricks.


  • General Tips [GEN]
  • Multiplayer Tips [MUL]
  • Solo Tips [SOL]
  • Survival Tips [SUR]
  • Scoring System [SCO]
  • Class Builds [CLA]
  • Secrets [SEC]

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General Tips [GEN]

The Tavern shop

The Tavern store offer a lot of different items pets and services in general it is better to acquire gear (loot) in missions than to buy gear unless you want to finish a set if you are lucky. This because gear in missions will out level stuff you have bought quickly and because the tavern’s shop is random you can’t be guaranteed anything good. It is best to get some good gear and upgrade it with mana this way you are likely to save mana overall.

Loot quality

Loot is dependent on the mission difficulty and the mission you are playing. The more players in the game the more loot will drop because of the increase number of creeps.


When playing Solo you should lower the amount of approach points. when you reduce the approach points there will be more enemies per point which means you can tunnel your defenses in one area making a killing zone. In general you shouldn’t place defenses near the crystal as you won’t have a point to full back on if these defenses get breached.

Gear stats

Equiped gear can temporary increase your stats with the stats you have already leveled up. Certain gear might be worser than you already got but might give a bigger benefit in one particular stat area.

Auto sell gear to mana

By leaving gear on the floor at the end of a build phase will convert it into mana, this is useful if there are a lot of red gear drops. Instead of picking each one up and then selling it in the tavern shop, the game will do it for you.


These give you extra stats and sometimes negative stats so be careful when choosing a companion. They can be expensive so its best to lock a pet early on in the tavern shop and buy it when you can afford it. If they are all too expensive replay some levels and check the store again.

If you have the Steam exclusive companions then you could wait until you are level 25 to use those instead. The only problem with these pets is that only offer a stat in one area such as tower defense therefore they don’t offer stat variety that shop pets do.

Multiplayer Tips [MUL]

Mana and gear drops

When playing with complete strangers it is usually recognised that you don’t big up gear and only mana. By leaving all gear drops on the floor at the end of the build phase all gear will be converted into mana and spread equally among the group.

Learn the maps

You don’t have to be an expert on each map but knowing where the choke points are and how defenses should be used on each map will make missions run smoother for everyone.

Solo Tips [SOL]

When playing by yourself close off as many routes as possible to your crystals with barrier defenses. Seeing as you are only one hero you can’t be in more than one place at a time.

It is recommended to play and listen to the tutorials when playing for the first time. If you do it with no problems then playing on medium is the way to go while you level up and get better gear. When you feel ready you should try some levels on hard with the Squire or Apprentice.


You can change your class anytime at the forge during a build phase. Therefore having more than one class will help you out in the more difficult missions.

The easiest solo classes are the Squire and the Apprentice. These classes offer physical blockades and turret type defenses which will help stop and slow down incoming creeps from reaching your crystals. You can solo your way through as a Huntress or Monk but it’s very difficult.

Multi classing

If you want to be more tactical you can play with more than one class at a time, if so you should do it in this order:

The Squire is the best to start with. If you’ve put your level up points in to improving your tower stats then you can watch as your defenses do all the work for you.

The Apprentice defenses have a lot of uses and he can use he’s overcharge ability to repair defenses quickly.

The Huntress should be used thirdly. Her traps such as the inferno trap is very effective, and because it uses charges and not health points, enemies with stronger hits such as ogres will not have as much impact as they would on harder difficulties

The Monk should be used last. This class is mostly good for support so when playing solo he isn’t as affective as when used in multiplayer. He can provide healing and can also slow enemies.

Survival Tips [SUR]

Replay levels
If you replay the early levels you will get easy experience, mana and loot which will all help in completing later levels.

Monk healing
Having a Monk healing aura somewhere nearby can save yourself mana that could be used in repairing or upgrading a defense, instead of using healing on yourself. It is also the only defense in the game that can used under a crystal.

Your should put around 10 points into almost all stats and then concentrate in improving the stats you want the most out of such as tower defence and tower attack damage. This is because the benefit from each point gets smaller the higher the total stat becomes.

Upgrade when possible
By upgrading a defense you will restore all of its health and boost its stats at the same time. If a defense has low health, upgrading it might be cheaper and quicker than repairing it.

Remember to repair all your defenses at the end of each wave in the build phase. This is because doing so in a combat phase takes longer and not repairing makes it easier and quicker for creeps to get through, especially when you are facing hundreds at a time.

Scoring System [SCO]

Score is based on:

  • Speed to complete the mission
  • Player and Team bonuses:
  • Killing enemies

Wave Bonuses include:

  • First Kill – Scored the first kill in the wave.
  • Janitor – Scored the last kill in the wave.
  • Chillax – Moved the least distance in the wave.
  • Mechanic – Performed the most tower upgrades.
  • Immortal – Did not die in the entire mission.
  • Knight – Killed 10 enemies in 5 seconds.
  • Invincible – Did not take damage for an entire wave after the first.
  • Flawless Victory – No core damage after the first wave.
  • Boss Slayer – Your Hero or Defense landed the killing blow on a boss.
  • Lord – Killed 50 enemies in 5 seconds.
  • Strategist – Scored the most tower kills.
  • Banker – Earned the most mana.
  • Trigger Happy – Most ready for Combat Phase.
  • Handy Man – done the most tower repairs.
  • Most Valuable Hero – Scored the most player kills.
  • Teamwork – Completed a mission with 4 active players.
  • Skin of Your Teeth – Survived a wave after the first with less than 100 Crystal Health Points.
  • Most Valuable Player – Scored the most total kills.
  • Gunslinger – Only used Abilities and Weapons to harm enemies after the first Wave.
  • Master Builder – Kept full Defense Units throughout the wave.
  • Master Strategist – Only used Defenses to harm enemies after the first Wave.

Class Builds [CLA]

300 total points.


Level 70 Squire Tower Builder
Defence Health = 70
Defence Attack = 65
Defence Attack Rate = 55
Defence Area of Effect = 50
Hero Casting Rate = 30
Hero Speed = 30
Total = 300


Level 70 Support Monk
Hero Boost = 70
Aura Effect Strength = 70
Aura Life Span = 70
Aura Area of Effect = 70
Hero Health = 20
Total = 300

Secrets [SEC]

Tavern Secret Room

After defeating the final boss once on any difficulty, a sign will light up on the second floor of the Tavern. It is an OPEN sign above a closed door. If the sign is lit up, walk into the door and you will enter a secret room. You can see this room anytime but rotating the camera in a certain way. However if its open there will be 10K mana inside, as well as four unique class weapons and a Secret Stash that behaves like a normal forge. The room also contains lots of other cool eye candy.