Killing Floor: Halloween Sideshow Event has Started

The Patriarch is now a Vampriarch.

To celebrate Halloween Tripwire Interactive has created a special Halloween Sideshow event. Anyone who played the Killing Floor Summer Sideshow or Christmas event will know what to expect.

The creatures are now all dressed up in Halloween inspired skins. They include the Frankenpound, Husk-O-Lantern, Werebunny and more. They have also added seven new Halloween achievements which are set on the map, Bedlam. If you complete all achievements during the event you will get Commando Chicken as a playable character.

People who missed the Summer Sideshow event can also do this now and get all achievements which gives Steampunk Mr Foster as a playable character.

The event runs from 27th October 2011 through to 3rd November 2011.

The Killing Floor events are normally better than the Team Fortress 2 ones so check it out.