Steam Sale: Two Worlds II 50% Off

I would use a mace in this situation.

Steam are currently offering 50% off Two Worlds II during their Midweek Madness. This offer ends 22nd September, 4pm Pacific Time so get it while you can.

“Continue the journey to secure the fate of Antaloor and save it from the clutches of the Dark Lord Gandohar. A complex quest system and exciting main story draw you into the world of Antaloor, made richer by secondary quest scenarios, gameplay and atmosphere.”

Also the new Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC is now available and its 10% off. The DLC includes 12+ hours of main quests, new weapons, permanent potions, new armor accessories and new fighting techniques.

  • Two Worlds II was £24.99 now £12.49.
  • Two Worlds II – Pirates of the Flying Fortress was £24.99 now £22.49.
I haven’t played Two Worlds II but it seems an above average RPG adventure.