Today Only Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition 75% off

All the fun of war without having to leave home.

Steam and The Creative Assembly “March to War” campaign, which is being run to promote the release of Total War: Shogun 2 next week is on its final day. Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition is available at 75% off (£19.99/£5.00) which is a bargain for the money spend to time played ratio (£5/60+ hours). Sure it’s very similar to Empire: Total War but it still good in its own right.

Imperial Edition includes:

  • Napoleon: Total War™ – Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars (Free)
  • Napoleon: Total War™ – Imperial Guard Pack (Free)

DLC available:

  • Napoleon: Total War™ – The Peninsular Campaign (£5.99
  • Napoleon: Total War™ – Coalition Battle Pack (£1.99)

So you can get the whole Napoleon: Total War™ experience for £12.98.

If you are thinking of getting Total War: Shogun 2 and haven’t got many of the other Total War games then I would recommend getting the Total War Collection Pack (Includes Empire: Total War, Medieval II: Total War, Napoleon: Total War, Rome: Total War and Total War: Shogun 2) 53% off (£84.95/£39.99). The only problem with the pack is that all downloadable content and expansions have to be bought separately. Despite that its worth checking out.

In to the breach lads!