Steam Sale: Up to 90% Off All Sega Games

Easy does it.

The Steam SEGA Publisher Weekend has started. You can save money on individual SEGA titles or save loads on the SEGA Collector Pack.

I might check out Alpha Protocol, it was over hyped and turned out quite poor but for the price it should be worth it. I can pretend I’m playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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Today Only Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition 75% off

All the fun of war without having to leave home.

Steam and The Creative Assembly “March to War” campaign, which is being run to promote the release of Total War: Shogun 2 next week is on its final day. Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition is available at 75% off (£19.99/£5.00) which is a bargain for the money spend to time played ratio (£5/60+ hours). Sure it’s very similar to Empire: Total War but it still good in its own right.

Imperial Edition includes:

  • Napoleon: Total War™ – Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars (Free)
  • Napoleon: Total War™ – Imperial Guard Pack (Free)

DLC available:

  • Napoleon: Total War™ – The Peninsular Campaign (£5.99
  • Napoleon: Total War™ – Coalition Battle Pack (£1.99)

So you can get the whole Napoleon: Total War™ experience for £12.98.

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