Magicka Magicks Guide [Updated!!]

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This is a Magick guide for the spell binding game Magicka which see up to four wizards cause chaos with the elements in order to save the land of Midgard from monsters and stop the evil dark sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil and besieged the forces of good.

This guide will help you find each Magick spell and how to cast it and the effect each spell has.

I will do some other Magicka guides and get better pictures sometime soon, added typed locations instead.

Continue reading to see all the Magicks in Magicka.





  • All Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC Magicks.



  • All Magicka: Vietnam DLC Magicks.

Original Magicks:


Effects: Revives human players.

Combo: Life+Lightning.

Found: Obtained at the start of Level 1.


Effects: Covers the floor with slippery grease. Burns longer than normal fire when lit.

Combo: Water+Earth+Life.

Found: Across the lake in Level 1 after leaving the academy. Freeze the lake to get across.


Effects: Increases the players movement speed.

Combo: Lighting+Arcane+Fire.

Found: On a bookshelf in tutorial.


Effect: Causes it to rain, wetting everyone and causing sniffles (not).

Combo: Water+Steam.

Found: In Level 2 it’s near the cave that is guarded by Goblins.


Effect: Removes all status effects from the player. It can also remove some friendly players Magick and enemy spells.

Combo: Arcane+Shield.

Found: In Level 2 near a statue where you fight a Goblin mage.

Thunder Bolt

Effect: A bolt of heavy lightning.

Combo: Steam+Lightning+Arcane+Lightning.

Found: In a stone henge in Level 3.


Effect: A large tornado that carries and damages everyone  up into the air.

Combo: Earth+Steam+Water+Steam.

Found: Level 4 before entering the city.


Effect: Heat wave that deals 600 damage and sets on fire.

Combo: Steam+Fire+Steam+Fire+Steam.

Found: Inside a burning building you go through in Level 4.

Time Warp

Effect: Like bullet time, slows down time meaning you have more time to react.

Combo: Cold+Shield.

Found: In Level 5 after leaving camp go west.


Effects: Summons a blizzard, freezing everyone including the caster for 10 seconds.

Combo: Cold+Ice+Cold.

Found: At the beginning of Level 6 go east to the small lake. Use cold to freeze the water and get across.


Effect: Teleports the player a short distance forward.

Combo: Lighting+Arcane+Lightning.

Found: On the broken walkway seen in Level 1. You will get it in Level 7 if you follow the story.


Effect: Summon a storm. It will rain both water and thunder which will hit randomly causing damage to enemies. Can cause self damage.

Combo: Steam+Steam+Lightning+Arcane+Lightning

Found: In Level 8 after the first stone bridge (pass Vlad) before the mines, in a cave.

Summon Phoenix

Effect: A Phoenix deals fire damage to everyone and revives all fallen players.

Combo: Life+Lighting+Fire.

Found: In Level 8 go right after fighting Trolls and Goblins on the bridge.

Raise Dead

Effect: Summons the undead to fight for you.

Combo: Ice+Earth+Arcane+Cold.

Found: In Level 9 after defeating the necromancers in the church.


Effect: All enemies run around uncontrollably away from the caster for 3 seconds.

Combo: Cold+Arcane+Shield.

Found: In the castle with Charm.


Effect: The targeted creature becomes your ally, attacking your enemies.

Combo: Life+Shield+Earth.

Found: In the castle where you found Fear.

Summon Death

Effect: Will kill the nearest player or enemy with the lowest health.

Combo: Arcane+Cold+Ice+Cold+Arcane.

Found: In Level 10 after beating Death.


Effects: Makes the player invisible. Enemies will no longer attack but other attacks like arrows and A0E attacks will still hit the player. Invisibility will end after touching, attacking or take damage from an enemy.

Combo: Arcane+Shield+Steam+Arcane.

Found: In the first area in Level 11, instead of going to the fortress go west and south along the cliff.

Summon Elemental

Effect: Summons an elemental. The element you use to waken it will be the element it represents. This means the same element will heal it.

Combo: Arcane+Shield+Earth+Steam+Arcane.

Found: In Level 11 after you beat the dwarves in the second room of the cathedral, go over the bridge and it will be on a pedestal.


Effect: Used when fighting Assatur.

Combo: Arcane+Steam+Lightning+Shield+Arcane

Found: In Level 11 after beating Fafnir.


Effect: A large vortex that damages anyone who gets close.

Combo: Ice+Arcane+Ice+Shield+Ice

Found: In Level 12 after you beat the final boss.

DLC Magicks:

Meteor Shower

Effect: Metroids will strike randomly causing damage to enemies. Can cause self damage.

Combo: Fire+Earth+Steam+Earth+Fire

Found: Beginning of Level 1. Requires Wizard Hat DLC.

Crash To Desktop

Effect: Instantly kills anyone with blue screen with a “connection lost” message. Can’t be used on anyone with more than 100k hp.

Combo: Lightning+Lightning+Fire+Life

Found: Beginning of Level 1. Giving in patch.


Effect: Calls a Phantom airplane to perform a Napalm airstrike at the targeted area.

Combo: Steam+Earth+Life+Fire+Fire

Found: Requires Magicka: Vietnam DLC.


Effect: You can make a blue and an orange portal that teleports anything that touches them.

Combo: Steam+Lighting+Shield

Found: Requires Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC.

Tractor Pull

Effect: Inverse effect of the area off effect push.

Combo: Earth+Arcane

Found: At the same spot as the Staff of the White Wizard in Level 1. Requires Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC.

Propp’s Party Plasma

Effect: Causes arcane fire damage in an area in front of the caster.

Combo: Fire+Steam+Arcane

Found: Requires Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC.


Effect: You can float over ground and water but not over big gaps.

Combo: Steam+Arcane+Steam

Found: Requires Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC.

Chain Lightning

Effect: Has longer range and higher damage than spell version.

Combo: Lightning+Lightning+Lightning

Found: Requires Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC.

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  1. Hi, I like the magicka magicks guide you’ve created, just one question tho, have you listed all the magicks in the game or just the ones you’ve found so far. I made a video page dedicated to magicka myself (see the link above I think) where I tried to make some guides alltho i like your guide so much better. :D

    1. Thanks. These are all the magicks you can find and learn. I haven’t included the various magick combos that you can do as there is too many to list.

  2. It says to find fear where you find charm, and it says to find charm where you find fear. You never bothered to tell us where either of those ones are. >.<

    1. Fear and Charm are both in Vlad’s castle, just before to confront him. Watch the shelf and couch.

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