Cuba Rage Quit Over Call of Duty: Black Ops

Castro looking like Big Boss with one of he's Iron Curtain friends.

Cuba condemns a new video game, where U.S. special forces must try to liquidate the revolutionary hero Fidel Castro who in reality has been the target of numerous assassination attempts.

Cuba’s state media believe that the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops is trying to “legitimise murder and attacks in entertainments name”.

At the same time it is ironic that a video game is trying to accomplish what America have not succeeded in doing in the real world for decades.

Fidel Castro has apparently survived over 600 assassination attempts (I bet if he trips over a stone they count it as an attempt on he’s life) during his 50 years in power in the communist country.

But neither poisoned pencils, exploding cigars or stones have managed to kill Castro, who at the age of 84 years, is still leader of the Cuban Communist Party.

A portion of the game takes place during the Cold War in Cuba’s capital Havana, where the mission is to kill the Cuban revolutionary leader. So now its up to you.

Call of Duty: Black Ops’ has just been released world wide and is expected to become the year’s best selling video games. Hopefully it wont be, to stop the industry from becoming predictable.

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