Fable II Available Free In America

The picture Microsoft didn't want you to see... probably.

A few people noticed a couple of hours ago that on the website for the American Xbox Live Marketplace, Fable II was being offered for free. This wasnt offered in any other countries and not even on the Xbox 360 console marketplace. It was exclusive to the website. That was then and now its back to being $19.99 so Microsoft must have realised their mistake.

For next two hours drinks are on the house!

I’m just curious to know if anyone got the game for free by downloading it before Microsoft found out they made a mistake, if it was a mistake that is. It might have been a promotion for Fable III which was not meant to be revealed yet or a publicity stunt for the game to keep the hype up. Either way it goes to show that these things happen and the early birds get the worms (free stuff in other words).

If I find out more I will yet you know.

Edit: XboxSupport said this on Twitter:

Hey everyone! FYI : The free Fable 2 download everyone is talking about is Episode 1 of the game and is legit. Download away! ^JM

This was posted two hours ago so it’s not the full game apparently. What is Episode 1 anyway? The fact that Microsoft didn’t announce it and that now a few hours later you have to pay for it means it must have been a mess up.

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