Fable II Available Free In America

The picture Microsoft didn't want you to see... probably.

A few people noticed a couple of hours ago that on the website for the American Xbox Live Marketplace, Fable II was being offered for free. This wasnt offered in any other countries and not even on the Xbox 360 console marketplace. It was exclusive to the website. That was then and now its back to being $19.99 so Microsoft must have realised their mistake.

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One Button Arthur

A nice web game to start my blog on. One Button Arthur is a game where you have to guide King Arthur through a serious of puzzles in the less amount of clicks as possible.

Figure out how to safely get him through each screen and to his ultimate goal … The sword in the stone!

You control Arthur by pressing the left mouse button. By doing this you will make Arthur jump, swing he’s sword etc depending on the situation.

I havent fully complete it yet but I will post my score when I do. Some people on the leader boards got 0 clicks which is basically impossible :/