Good Game: The Godfather (PS2)

Another Good Game

Today its The Godfather a 2006 open world action-adventure game developed by Page 44 Studios and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 2 (PS2). It was later ported to the PlayStation Portable as The Godfather: Mob Wars, Xbox 360 as The Godfather, Wii as The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, and PlayStation 3 as The Godfather: The Don’s Edition.

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My Opinion: Portal 2 Is Now Available

Are we friends? ...No cube we are not.

In case anyone has forgotten Portal 2 is now available. Its been getting good reviews even though a lot of its players have been complaining that the PC version is a console port, it’s too short (less than 3 hours) and that it has day one DLC, all of which isn’t true.

The GLaDOS mini game was basically pointless because it got the game released early but only by a few hours so some people might see it has a rip off especially if they bought those indie games just to help get Portal 2 released early. Of course most of those indie games where good by themselves but you shouldn’t feel that you have to buy them for another game, this means those games weren’t being enjoyed on their own merits.

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