Humble Bundle V Now Includes Braid, Super Meat Boy and Lone Survivor

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The current Humble Indie Bundle is now even better with recent introductions of more games to the bundle. It is proably the best bundle yet. Added now to Bastion, Superbrothers, Limbo, Psychonauts and Amnesia are Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Lone Survivor.

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Steam Sale: The Potato Sack Pack is available for 75% off

TF2 potato hat... who does Steam take us for?

The following games can be bought individually or altogether in The Potato Sack (£27.22/€34.47/$38.72/£108.87). If bought altogether you save more money in the long run than if you were to buy them individually. If you happen to have the game already you can gift it to a friend, which is good.

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Super Meat Boy Soundtrack Is Available Now

Make Meat Boy your number one. He's got meat bandage kids to support now.

This soundtrack is essential to anyone who is a fan of Super Meat Boy and who isn’t now? No ones had a bad word to say about the game. Like the actual game the music is a masterpiece by itself. You can listen to the music free or for a small fee buy it permanently on the site, the remixes are free to download though. But if you can’t be bothered to check the site out I have the music player on the right side of the site so you can listen to it while read more of my blog.

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