Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.1 Notes

Dueling yourself.

I havent played Star Wars: The Old Republic but apparently it is supposed to be ok for a World of Warcraft clone. Despite what you feel about the game it can’t be argued that it is with Rift one of the best and solid massively multiplayer online game releases. Usually MMOs take about six months to get to where SWTOR is now.

This patch adds more content and bug fixes and it is due soon but Its only available on the test servers at the moment.

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Bethesda Now Own All Rights To A Fallout MMO

Fun while it lasted.

Video gaming sites are reporting that Interplay have completely lost any rights to make a Fallout massively multiplayer online game with intellectual property rights now belonging solely to Bethesda. Interplay have been fined $2 million by Bethesda owners Zenimax as part of the deal.

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