S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is Still in Development

Keep marching forward.

A tweet from GSC Game World “To answer the multitude of questions we’ve been getting, #Stalker2 is currently in development, yes. However there is no release date yet.” Confirms the game is still being worked on. The first game was a big struggle for them to get publisher support and this seems it might have a similar problem but at least they haven’t abandoned the franchise.

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Syndicate is Available

Syndicate is a success.

EA and Starbreeze Studios remake of Bullfrog Productions classic strategy game Syndicate is available in all good stores or via EA’s digital platform.

The game has been getting good scores from the gaming media which goes to show you can remake an old game in a new genre with out messing it up. So much for the doom sayers “It’s going to be rubbish because it’s no longer a strategy game” statements.

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Steam Sale: Killing Floor

Boom headshot!

Steam have a sale currently on Killing Floor as part of their Midweek Madness. You can now get it for 85% off.

From Steam “In celebration of passing several milestones like selling 1 million copies, having over 45 million hours of playtime and destroying over 500 million Zeds, save 85% on Killing Floor during this week’s Midweek Madness.”

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The Best PS3 Exclusive Games Available

A weird PS3 advert.

Some people over look the PlayStation 3 in favour of an Xbox 360. So to show that the PS3 does have some good exclusive games I have decided to list the best there is on the console. Sure there are some new exclusive games coming soon but these are the ones you can get in most stores now. In no particular order.

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