Battlefield 1942 is Currently Available for Free on PC

First-person shooters haven’t changed over the years.

Electronic Arts said last week that users can now play the original Battlefield game, Battlefield 1942 on PC through the Origin service for free. The announcement coincided with Battlefield 3 Premium members going over 2 million subscribers since June.

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Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Pack is Now Available on PC and Xbox 360 for Free

EA and DICE have now released the Physical Warfare Pack DLC for Battlefield 3 which was previously only available as an exclusive pre-order item. It is now available to everyone for free.

The pack includes the DAO-12 shotgun, Type 88 Light Machine Gun and a flash suppressor for the SKS sniper rifle.

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Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand is Now Available on PC and Xbox 360

The first expansion pack to Battlefield 3 is now available to buy now on Xbox 360 and PC, it’s already out on PlayStation 3.

The trailer above shows the DLC in action.

If you have bought the limited edition of Battlefield 3 then you can download it for free. Looks fun if you can’t get enough Battlefield 3 action.

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Medal of Honor Open Beta Review

Captain Price is looking in bad shape.

First person shooters these days seem to have got bored with the World War II setting. Which I think still has a lot to offer also there’s still loads of different war settings that could be used Falklands War anyone? The Battlefield Bad Company Series and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series show that there is a big demand in terms of sales and player numbers to warrant more games in a modern theme. Medal of Honor have gone and tried to reinvent themselves with a new setting and by taking the same name of their first ever game Medal of Honor (PS1) which was a WWII first person shooter which some would say, me included made FPS shooters on consoles acceptable. The game is set in Afghanistan where Coalition forces (Americans basically) fight insurgents (Taliban)/Opposing forces (OPFOR). The single player game is being built by EA and the multiplayer part is under the wings of DICE which would explain why it might feel familiar to Battlefield veterans.

Medal of Honor’s multiplayer mode, which I played in the open beta feels like a mix between Modern Warfare and Bad Company I will explain why. These games come to mind because the themes, modes and layouts. The difference is that the actual gameplay because of the modes offered in Medal of Honor make it feel fresh.

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