Mass Effect 3 Delayed Until Early 2012

Worlds take time to be built.

Anyone who was looking forward to playing Mass Effect 3 this year will be disappointed. Mass Effect 3 has been delayed into early 2012.

“Today we have confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012,” “The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations. We’ll have more details about specific dates as we get closer to release.”

The note appeared on BioWare’s message boards.

Dragon Age II Demo Is Available

"Ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch; marry, 'tis enough."

The Dragon Age II Demo is available via the official Dragon Age II website. It is 1.9Gb in size and it continues the story of the Dragon Age. Its worth checking out for the free in-game item you get for its completion and for contributing to the target EA have set of getting a million downloads to unlock two further in-game items. Like a lot of preorder items or free items they won’t be anything special. You probably replace them within an hour of playing. Anyway its going to be a good game. The rest of the game will be out on the 11th March 2011. March is going to be a good month for games.

Dragon Age: Witch Hunt Video

BioWare has released a video for Dragon Age: Origins’ last piece of DLC, Witch Hunt. In the DLC, players are treated to the final chapter in the game, and finally find out what happened to Morrigan. Players can import their characters from Awakening, or create a new character for the chapter.

Witch Hunt will be released on September 7 for $6.99/560 BioWare/MSP on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

See video below…

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