The Elder Scrolls: Blades is Now Available

All of the combat of Arena and the looks of Skyrim but without the world of Daggerfall.

Bethesda Game Studios latest foray into the mobile phone market is a reimagined dungeon crawler in the vain of the first Elder Scrolls games. It is called The Elder Scrolls: Blades and unlike the originals has all the trappings of a free-to-play game for better and worse.

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Steam is Going Beyond Just Video Games

The Valve Corporation logo no one ever sees.

Valve Corporation have announced that from 5th September its online digital store Steam will begin selling software titles. None was named but expect stuff ranging from “creativity to productivity.” I am guessing this will mean they will start offering things like the Apple Store and Google Play store such as photo applications with film and music being added in the future?

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