GOTM: April 2023 – Shadows of Doubt

The dark city calls to me.

Game of the Month (GOTM) is my monthly post where I highlight my favourite video game of the month. These posts will determine my Game of the Year (GOTY) at the end of the year. The same rules apply to GOTM as it does when writing my GOTY.

GOTM 2023: April – Shadows of Doubt (PC)

My GOTM for April 2023 is Shadows of Doubt. It is a sandbox detective game with immersive sim and stealth elements from ColePowered Games.

Shadows of Doubt is set in an alternative timeline of the late 1970s, a world with corporations, early 20th-century aesthetics and dystopian vibes. You play as a detective hired to solve murders and other cases in the randomly generated noir city.

The game doesn’t have a story to go through. There is background lore concerning corporations and wars, except you can ignore it. You are instead free to choose which cases to solve and make your own stories.

By completing cases, you earn money which you can use to buy food, tools, and weapons. You always have a print scanner and a case board which can be used to tie suspects with places, items and connections.

Shadows of Doubt uses a voxel-based graphic style for the world and people. This means everyone looks like they are made of little squares. A look I still don’t like. Despite that, the visuals look good overall and suit the mood.

The game is in Early Access on Steam, so there are bugs, and new content is planned to be added. I am slightly worried that not enough will be added to make the game the greatest it could be. It is good but needs a lot more to make it not get stale after a while.

I have done a review of Shadows of Doubt, which you can read here: Shadows of Doubt Review [Early Access].

This is the most fun I had with a game in April and why it is my Game of the Month.

See you next time for my new 2023 Game of the Month.

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