The Last Case of Benedict Fox is Now Available

I love the way it looks.

Developer Plot Twist and publisher Rogue Games, Inc. have released The Last Case of Benedict Fox, a roguelike and Metroidvania game inspired by Lovecraftian themes.

You play Benedict Fox, a self-proclaimed detective who has a demon companion. You explore the minds of the recently deceased in search of clues in a mansion. It shares some similarities with the Psychonauts series.

The art style is very 1920s and early 20th-century looking. The gameplay will see you fight demons using demon powers and your surroundings creatively. It also has puzzle-solving sections.

The game may be fun for its art style and concept alone. It will all come down to how well they implement the exploration elements.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is now available on PC and Xbox Series S and X. It is also coming to Game Pass, so an excuse to try it.