Beyond the Long Night is Now Available

The game reminds me a lot of Cave Story.

Developer Noisy Head Games and publisher Yogscast Games have released Beyond the Long Night, an action roguelike with twin-stick shooting.

In Beyond the Long Night, you play a character stuck inside the Dark Mountain in a limbo situation. Throughout the game, you fly through procedurally generated levels to outrun a deadly storm that kills everything it touches to reach the Overworld.

You meet interesting characters and puzzles with the ability to upgrade your abilities to help you succeed and hopefully beat the time loop. Each character has a story that continues between each run.

You can dodge, shoot, and use items and various superpowers. While there aren’t many, they can be combined to make unique combos. People who enjoy roguelikes and bullet hells like Enter the Gungeon will enjoy the game.

I have done a review of the game, which you can read here: Beyond the Long Night Review.

Beyond the Long Night is now available on PC.