Hunt the Night is Now Available

The sprite work is good in this game.

Developer Moonlight Games and publisher Dangen Entertainment have released Hunt the Night, their retro action-adventure game inspired by Zelda and Soul-like games.

In Hunt the Night, you play as Vesper, a member of a group called “The Stalkers”, exploring the world of Medhram and trying to stop the encroaching Night.

You can dash, do combos, and use various weapons and powers. You can choose between ranged and melee attacks, and deciding when to use both is part of the combat and certain puzzles. There are also various stats you can increase with items and equipment.

I have played some of Hunt the Night but have been busy to get deep into it. So far, it has been fun and looks great. My only concern so far is that I don’t really like the character sprites compared to the environment and other entities.

I hope to do a review which I will link here when done.

Hunt the Night is now available on PC.