Drop – System Breach is Now Available

The city of Windport, where no one leaves the house.

Developer Etherfield Studio and publisher MicroProse have released their fast-moving dystopian hacking game Drop – System Breach.

In Drop – System Breach, you play as a hacker caught in a power struggle between various factions and characters. As an upcoming bright hacker, they come for you to complete various missions.

The game revolves around completing missions to gain money, to upgrade your hacking deck with better hardware and software. It feels like Grand Theft Auto (the first one) in the way story is presented to you.

If you like hacking games or light puzzle ones, you will probably enjoy this.

I wrote a review of the game, which you can read here: Drop – System Breach Review.

Drop – System Breach is now available on PC. A demo is currently available if you want to try it beforehand.