Valve has Announced Counter-Strike 2, a Free Update to CS:GO

It looks like how I remember Counter-Strike: Source to be.

Developers Valve have confirmed Counter-Strike 2 will be out in the summer. A Limited Test for select Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players is ongoing.

Anyone who has spent money unlocking skins and characters in CS:GO can carry this forward into the new game.

Many new changes have been shown: Smoke now behaves more like smoke. Bullets and other objects can interact with it, meaning sightlines can be created or moved. It will also have more realistic lighting, merge with others, and move more naturally around the map.

They are improving “tick rates,” so multiplayer matches should be even more seamless, less laggy and more responsive.

Map has all been overhauled and looks better and cleaner. Surfaces have more realistic rendering and materials. Some maps will look different, while older classic ones will look the same with better visuals.

Weapons skins will look better, and gameplay visuals and environment effects will have greater fidelity and consistency. Audio has been improved for more comfortable play sessions. Finally, the UI has been upgraded to be more impressive and to feel cleaner.

I have played a Counter-Strike game in years, and this won’t makes me start playing again. With the use of the Source 2 engine, it will be interesting to see new games from Valve use it. I would rather play Team Fortress 3 than this.

It is good that it will be a free upgrade. Something that Blizzard should have done or made simpler with Overwatch 2.

Players will be allowed to join the Limited Test on several factors. You will be more likely to get in if you have played a Valve game recently, have a good-standing Steam profile, and have a trust factor.

Counter-Strike 2 will be released in the summer for PC. There is no news on console ports at this time.