Atomic Heart is Now Available

Sergei Nechaev looks like he might be a bit of a bonehead. “You say I can use my hands?”.

Unknown video game developer Mundfish with the help of publisher Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity has released Atomic Heart, the new first-person shooter game in the vein of Dying Light, Bioshock, Fallout, Metro, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

In the game, you are somewhere in the Soviet Union, in an alternative universe of 1955. You play as Major Sergei Nechaev, also known as P-3, sent to sort out the situation at facility 3826. Haywire robots, failed biomechanical experiments, and your ever-deteriorating mental state tries to stop you.

You receive the Polymer Glove that allows you to manipulate your surroundings with telekinesis and the powers of ice and electricity, similar to something like Bioshock.

I have been fascinated with the Soviet Union and its culture and architecture. However, despite its initial goal of a more uniform, fairer world, most of it sucked. The pictures and stories of the post-World War I era and the early late 20th-century world it creates have always interested me. There is a reason why some of the greatest writers and storytellers come from that part of the world.

There have been some controversies over the game as it is made by a Russian developer and is coming out near the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Most of it seems coincidental. However, it isn’t reassuring that you can’t go to the Mundfish website to get more information about them.

Why does the Granny character have the same look as Elizabeth II, the former Queen of the United Kingdom, when she goes out shopping? Is she a time traveller?

Atomic Heart will be available on Xbox and PC Game Pass, so there isn’t much excuse not to play it. It looks like it will be a good enough video game.