Hitman 3 is Now Available

I will see you next year Agent 47.

IO Interactive the publisher, and developer of the Hitman franchise have now released their third game in the Hitman trilogy. It’s more of the same but in this case, that is a good thing.

Expect a mixture of puzzle murdering and assassination in colourful and exotic locations around the world. With Hitman 3 the game is a massive world of sandbox fun.

The main new addition in the trilogy is the inclusion of VR support for PlayStation users.

I would recommend people get Hitman 3 on consoles, especially if you have played it on that console since the first Hitman. However, for me, I have been playing the games on Steam and because of the exclusivity deal with Epic Games, I can’t play the third game now for one year. This is without taking into account the launch issues the game has at the moment. These should have been foreseen by the developers.

I am pretty annoyed by this. While I could get it on Epic Games Store, I refuse to use that platform as it’s terrible and I don’t like how Epic Games has splashed their cash around to corner off games on PC for their platform. The main reason I refuse to do this is that IO Interactive is offering a one-time data transfer from Hitman 2 and if I transfer the data to Epic Game Store when It does come on Steam I wouldn’t be able to carry over my progress again. I already started the game from scratch on Hitman 2 and I am not going to do it again in Hitman 3.

I really like the Hitman games. The fact I won’t be playing the new one for a year at least is a big shame. I might not care about the game by then.

Note: I Have used IGN videos because IO Interactive have age-restricted their official videos (for some reason).