Wasteland 3 is Now Available

All the fun of shooting robots in a snowy wasteland.

The third game in the Wasteland franchise was released today. If you aren’t familiar with the Wasteland games they are similar to the original Fallout games if arguably better. You can see the legacy of Interplay in the games inXile Entertainment make.

Wasteland 2 was one of my Games of the Year 2019, and the third game looks like it will be the same this year.

If you haven’t played a Wasteland game before, the newest one seems like a good starting off point. If you enjoy Wasteland 3, I would recommend checking out the first two games too. All three are available on Xbox Game Pass, and the first game was recently remastered.

Wasteland 3 also has co-op, but in reality, this works more like single-player with the two players dividing control of each character and equipment. It still works and can be fun.


Wasteland 3 Launch Trailer.

Overall the game is worth getting, especially on Xbox Game Pass.