Resident Evil 2 is Now Available

Claire Redfield now looks like someone out of The Last of Us. Great to see modern takes on old places though.

Twenty one years since the original release and five years of development, Capcom have finally released their modern version of Resident Evil 2. It is a remake of their classic survival horror PlayStation game.

The game is now available on all platforms mentioned below and for people who want to try it out before they buy, you can still download the demo until the end of the month. I would say this game is slightly overpriced for what it is, so take that into consideration.

The “1-Shot” demo is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One until 31st January. In the demo you can go through some early Leon S. Kennedy gameplay as he explores the Raccoon Police Station.


My Resident Evil 2 Demo Playthrough:

Above is a video of me plaything through the demo for the first time. I managed to see quite a lot of the police station. I didn’t use a guide, and I haven’t played the original in the while so had to remember the layout.

Resident Evil 2 (PS) – Good Game #100:

Above is the video I made a while back for my ongoing Good Game feature. You can read that article later today but I have included the video here for convenience.

Resident Evil 2 Launch Trailer.

Above is the official launch trailer for Resident Evil 2.

You can complete the game in about 10 hours per character while the original took on average about 5 hours per character. Of course that is if you know what you are doing. The Resident Evil games have always been about speed running and it be interesting to see if people can complete it in like 3 hours or shorter like the old games. The games even use to give rewards for people who completed them quickly such as a machine gun for completing it in under three hours with an A or B ranking. Hopefully they have included more than just the same secrets again.

The game has been getting good reviews from the gaming press with most praising how Capcom did a good job bringing the game into the 21st Century. I still feel the first Resident Evil remake is better as it was more faithful and kept what made the original good. while updating the graphics, gameplay, and adding more content. It is also still more scary than the sequel. Resident Evil 2 just feel like Resident Evil 4 but more darker. I love Resident Evil 4 but it wasn’t exactly a survival horror game or scary in the same way; it was more action based. Resident Evil 2 does mix both the action and survival horror genres and succeeds – but it makes you feel like you are playing a modern mod for Resident Evil 4.

That being said the new Resident Evil 2 remake is a fantastic game and perfect for fans of horror games and just good games in general.