Three Very Easy Ways to Make Sea of Thieves a More Rewarding & Fun Game

Captain Bones’ brother Admiral Ossein in happier times.

Sea of Thieves at the moment is an acquired taste like Marmite. If you are willing to look pass all its shortcoming there is some fun to be had but it is undoubtedly a skeleton of a game. Therefore I have come up with three very easy ways the game could be improved by the developers in literally a few hours.

1) Quest and Voyage Reputation

Instead of only being rewarded for handing in Chests, Skulls, Creatures, and other Treasures, players should also be rewarded for completing Quests and Voyages. If you complete a Quest you should get some Reputation with that faction. If you complete a Voyage you should get even more reputation. This wouldn’t require the player to return to an Outpost.

2) Gold In Other Places

With getting better Cosmetics being the main driving force of the gameplay, there should be more ways to get gold. The easiest way would to make exploration rewarding. While you will occasionally find extra Treasures and Bottles on an island these are “Rare” and few in number. An easy fix would be to add some gold into barrels and some other places. This would mean if you explore an island you could be rewarded with some instant gold.

3) A Lock Box

While being raided and losing your treasure is part of the game, I feel each boat should have a place where you can hide one treasure that can’t be taken by others. A Sloop would have a one slot Lock Box and a Galleon would have a two slot Lock Box. Now when your boat sinks you would still have your Lock Box item. Having this in the game means a player can at least have a chance of getting something from going on a Quest and means solo players aren’t completely punished for playing alone (this idea could take maybe a day to implement).

It can be argued that the player progression is deliberately slow to make the player have to play the game longer while the developers actually implement more content into a game. It could also be seen to encourage in-game purchases such as boosts and cosmetics in the future. This would of course be clearly a big mistake for the game at this moment in time.

– Captain Bones.